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Xoptimus Charge2Go

New Price: Rs 999

about this item:

Charge your smartphone or tablet inside your car while going on a long trip and enjoy In cabin entertainment while saving energy as well as improved life expectancy. Single output USB allows you to plugi n your current charging cable . Requires Bluetooth to connect to the application on the device

  • PLUG and PLAY
  • Universal Protection device made for ANDROID
  • Compact Design
  • Made in India product
  • 1Year warranty
  • 7 days easy replacement
  • Free Shipping


  • image Clean Technology reduces Individual Carbon footprint by 38% related to charging and usage of laptops
  • image Compatible with any Tablet or Smartphone Charger based on Android or Windows OS
  • image Unique ID for every device to track your unique usage patterns and define a charge program just for you

Our Application

Our Xoptimus charging technology for Li-Ion Batteries maintains optimal charge levels based on individual usage pattern and other real-time battery parameters thus increasing longevity, performance and saving energy. It is available on android phones and windows laptops all over the world.

Laptop Project
Phone Project

Smart Features

Optimal charging

Smart Calling

High Temperature protection

Increase Battery Life

Unique Charge program

Energy Savings